Decision-Making Support: Talk with a Coach Now

Option 1: Immediate Decision Making Support: $29.99 for 20 min. M-Sat, 9 am - 9 pm

Stressed with making a decision related to your business, family, or career?  Get immediate support for decision-making from one of our experienced coaches.

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Option 2: Individual Coaching $299.99 (four 30 min. sessions)

Get one-on-one individual coaching report from one of our coaches.  At a special reduced price of $299.99, you can get four, 30-minute sessions to help you achieve your goals and potential related to family life, career concerns, and business strategy.

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Option 3: Parenting Support Group (T-W-TH) $99.99

Want more insight into effective parenting strategies?  Join our Parenting Support Group meeting for 1 hour to 90 minutes for a 3-day session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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Option 4: Parenting Support Group (3 Saturdays) (1st three Saturday’s (monthly) $99.99

Get parenting support over the weekends!  Learn from our experienced coaches and fellow peers in developing the best strategies to lead your families forward.

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Option 5: Pay What You Enjoy* Call 888-574-5542

Need coaching sessions that are tailored to you?  Our experienced coaches will work with you to design one-on-one sessions that will help you with your family, business, career or personal needs.

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  • Long distance charges may apply (check with your carrier)


Pay What You Enjoy*

Does that mean we work for free?  Hardly!  When you choose the PayWhatYouEnjoy* approach, we get to weigh in as well.


What’s in it for us?  What do we enjoy?

At Mitchell & Smith Coaching Associates we enjoy working with people who, in some large or small way, are interested in creating a world that is more connected, a world of compassion and honesty.

If we both choose the WhatWeEnjoy approach, we’ll be grounding our relationship in honesty.


Immediate Decision Making Support

Do you need to make a decision now? At Mitchell & Smith Coaching Associates we provide decision-making support. We know that your decisions are important to you. So give us a call so that we can coach you around your decision-making process.